Below is a brief history of the house and some random photos that have been taken around the house and yard through the four seasons that we are so lucky to enjoy on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We are so delighted with where we live and the highlights of the year!


From the notebook of Clair Walters, Galena historian: The home was built by Dr. Dulaney [1880] and sold to Mr. Theodore Dempsey in 1890.  The William LeCates (amazing coincidence - distant relatives on Bill’s Grandmother’s side) purchased it in 1922.  Mr. John Wilson (Galena mayor and owner of Sassafras Marina) purchased it in about 1946 and extensively remodeled it. Sold to Mr. Ralph Hall (Also Galena mayor and owner of the Georgetown Marina).  Next, the Downer’s between 1972 and 1990.  The Graham’s purchased it in 1990, and again renovated the house.

Dr. Dulaney

The Dempsey’s in 1916