Welcome to your new home


When we moved in, there was no transfer of knowledge on how the house works. Where is the switch to cut on the ... Do we need to do anything special for winter? I never had a pool before. What to do?!

To answer these and other important questions, I put together a 43 page handbook with details of the house systems and check-lists to guide a future owner with information that we wish we had to smooth our settling in.

You will be the delighted new owner of a comfortable home with full dimensioned cypress framing of the 19th century, no longer affordable, filled with modern appliances and systems. Enjoy!

William Graham

Professional Engineer


House Dimensions/Room Sizes

Lot Survey

House Construction and History

Suggested Contractors and Vendors

Emergency Generator (17KW Generac)

Equipment Manufacturer’s Documentation

Heating and Air Conditioning

Paint Colors and Manufacturer Spread Sheet

Marble Bath and Plumbing


Front Door

Screened Porch

Back Bedroom and Bath

Propane System

Emergency Water Cut Off and House Drain


Access - 2nd Floor Tub Plumbing

Cable TV and Internet

Triple-Track Storm Windows

Hanging Pictures in a Plaster Wall Home

Garage Door Code

Pool Fence

Orchard Plan

Outside Lighting and Switched Outlets

Pavilion Plumbing/Hot Water System (Thermosiphon)

Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance

Storm Windows

Lighting Switch Locations

Termite Inspection Certification

Underground Electrical Routing

Underground Plumbing Locations and Clean-outs 

Underground Water Routing

Utility Bill History

Whole House Fans

Pavilion Electrical

Check List for Winter

Suggested Changes for  a Three Bed Room B&B with                Private Adjoining Bath

“Mother/Daughter” Arrangement

Items Remaining with the House

Bed and Breakfast Brochures and Forms


Here Are The Answers